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In this Go Digital Radio segment, I outline how Steve Jobs’ innovation has directly impacted the entertainment industry in 3 key areas.

This comes on the announcement of Jobs being awarded a Grammy award for his contributions to the music business.

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The Impact of Steve Jobs and Itunes on Entertainment Industry by mrshadeed

Digital 101 Workshop is Coming to Virginia Beach

Digital 101 “I am a Brand” workshop will be held at the Holiday Inn Business and Conference Center in Virginia Beach on January 21st, 2012. Purchase tickets online at:

Are you ready for Digital 101 I Am a Brand Workshop?

Select the image to view the promotional video. Digital 101 “I Am a Brand” Workshop is set to be a highly informative experience for all attendees. Based on my incredible feedback from speaking on a panel at the Main Event Music Conference, I was inspired to return to Virginia and deliver a specialized event. It is my plan to continue to support the 7 Cities Virginia region through quality information to empower and educate.

My brief hiatus is complete. Truly enjoyed myself and make a vow to continue to “Plan my Fun”. It is quite easy to get caught up in work, projects, and professional passions without considering that the reason why we work so hard each day is to enjoy the fruits of our labor. What vacations ideas do you have for your next getaway? Leave them in the comments and maybe I can identify some resources to help you plan it better.

I’ll be taking a much anticipated break from the action to get away and reflect on a great 2011.
The getaway will be 100%. Check email once, maybe twice. No cell phone or social media usage whatsoever. Sincere thanks to all who supported me and provided opportunities for me to grow or express my talents in 2011.

Mr. Shadeed has been one of the biggest keys to my brands’ growth over the past year. His advice has been INTEGRAL. If you’re looking to build a brand or be a successful blogger check out his two NEW eBooks. One is FREE, the other is only $2.99!

Nanci O also provided a great product overview for The Basics of Building Your Brand on her site

Continued thanks to all who support what I deliver.