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I had the pleasure of attending the Greater Baltimore Technology Council monthly breakfast this morning. It was a combination of networking with many local startups and brainstorming sessions where startups pitched their ideas to the group and collected feedback.
I listened to short presentations of an innovative media company that developed a live video streaming application, and a new initiative within the Healthcare industry to share data.

The roundtable discussion centered around finding talented people in the startup realm. Lots of great information was shared.

All-in-all, I thought the experience was valuable. I met some very bright people and connected with a few familiar faces. I look forward to continuing to support the local talent in Baltimore, there’s a lot going on.

In this episode of Let’s Talk Digital, I’m discussing 2 Reasons why Ownership of a domain for your brand is an effective first step in building and establishing your personal and/or business brand.


Black In America 4: Reactions and Next Steps will be available for download

The audio from my appearance on SIRIUS XM’s Mario Armstrong show is now available. The topic of discussion was CNN’s Black in America 4 special and my reaction on the documentary and the actions that African-Americans need to take to be a factor in the tech industry.

For more detail, Listen to the segment

The theme for 2011’s Thanksgiving is Developing the Attitude of Gratitude. You cannot get what you want until you first give thanks for what you’ve got. We all view people who may have a little more or have succeeded to heights that we aspire to reach. Before you look at what others have, take inventory and give thanks for what you’ve got.

10 Things to Always Give Thanks For
Health (no matter how good or bad it is, it can always be worse)
Your Home
The Ability to Earn an Income
The Gift of Life

What are you thankful for?

This evening’s episode of Let’s Talk Digital, I discuss the Main Event Music Conference and answer an attendee’s question about the best way to start with expanding their personal brand from a local to national presence. I provide 3 examples in the segment. Special thanks to the Main Event Music Conf. organizers for inviting me to deliver solid info for aspiring businesses and brands.

Listen to the Let’s Talk Digital episode below:

Wendy Day's feedback from The Main Event Music Conference

I had the opportunity to share a speaking opportunity with Wendy Day on an informational panel at The Main Event Music Conference. Purchase Wendy’s ebook on Amazon.

The decision to build a brand is a decision of empowerment that opens the door for a wide range of opportunities. In The Basics of Building Your Brand, I am providing an overview of what it takes to get started and some of the key elements of solidifying the foundation of a successful personal or corporate brand.

Objectives covered in this audio release will be as follows:



Will The New Relationship Marketing Enhance Your Business Relationships?

I am set to deliver a full review of Mari Smith’s new book The New Relationship Marketing. I won’t give too many details away but if you enjoyed Never Eat Alone, this book falls right in line with the key concepts covered in that groundbreaking release. The review will be available next week. Stay tuned and thanks for your support. -Shadeed.

Download The Veterans Job Bill in Plain English Audio release today

Look for the ebook version to be available for Kindle devices next week.


Innovation Nation Panel Hosted at UMBC.

I had the honor, privilege, and pleasure of attending the live broadcast of Innovation Nation held at UMBC, one of the country’s top tech institutions. I’ve recorded my thoughts on the event overall below including resources referenced during the panel.


Panel of Experts Included:


Black in America: The New Promised Land - Silicon Valley Participants

I felt it was brilliant discussion held throughout the panel by attendees and panelists. There are definitive action items that should and will be taken in some cases. It was interesting to observe that for many, it was the first time they’ve been in a room with so many brilliant African American minds, which will lead to increased networking opportunities and coalitions and alliances to be forged in the near and distant future.

Resources Listed by Panelists and Attendees.
Lean Startup (Book) Eric Ries

Startups Mentioned During the Documentary

Innovation Nation ReplayView the Innovation Nation Re-Broadcast

What were your thoughts on Innovation Nation? Leave your comments below or join me on Twitter.

This program is targeted towards Veterans of the armed forces and the family and friends that support us in our transition from active duty into
the civilian world whether its Federal employment with a US Government agency, Commercial employment with a company in the private sector, or
pursuing the startup of a business venture. There are several new changes that will have a tremendous impact on our veterans and I felt it was mandatory
to share this information in a format that is easily digested and portable, meaning you can listen to this on your mp3 player, tablet, CD, and more.

The Objectives that we will cover in the Veterans Job Bill in Plain English are as follows:

Each purchase of The Veteran’s Job Bill audio program will have proceeds donated to a Veteran’s organization to be named soon.


7 Motivations of Today's Blogger Available Now

My latest audio release The 7 Motivations of Today’s Blogger dives into the psychology behind the modern day blogger and provides some solid insight for business owners and brands on what makes these independent media outlets tick.
Any business owner looking to build and expand their product or service will defintely need an in depth understanding of the blogging industry and in this release I cover the following sections:
* 3 Assumptions of Every New Blogger
* 3 Common Qualities of Every Blogger
* 7 Motivations of Todays Blogger

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