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Today marks Day 1 of a 3 day course that I’m contracted to deliver for a team of SharePoint System Engineers on the SharePoint 2010 platform.
The System Engineers for this particular client manage an environment consisting of a few thousand users and they have hands-on experience with MOSS 2007.
The challenges of this training are to present the features of SharePoint 2010 in a hands-on lab environment that will enable the Engineering team to prepare for End User requests and allow additional time to work through solid examples based on my experience with SP 2010.

What were the main challenges that you’ve run into in deploying SharePoint 2010? Leave comments below.

Today on SIRIUS XM, I’ll be on-air with host Mario Armstrong from CNN and the Today Show to share information about the new Social influence tool, Kred.

Kred offers deep analytics and a transparency model that I predict will further inspire competitors such as Klout and PeerIndex, to take a closer look at their offerings and suggest a round of upgrades.

It turns out my prediction is true as Klout has announced new improvements to the score and the release of new features.

The audio playback will be available soon but Kred offers a great deal of potential for thought leaders, businesses and brand looking to establish themselves as authorities on their areas of expertise.

Written by: Shadeed Eleazer

when there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.

As a leader of individuals and yourself, the way that you treat others, and the method by which you add value to their lives
will insulate you from your competitors or expose you.

Points on Consideration:
How are you empowering your team?
Do you have a defined model for your team members to ultimately replace you?
Does you team member’s success excite you or threaten your position?
When was the last time you recommended your subordinates for a greater position that will help them develop.

Eliminate the inner enemy in your organization by increasing communication and building a two-way feedback channel.

Discussing the Social Aspects of SharePoint Consulting in this Roundtable

This week I’ll be leading a Roundtable discussion entitled: Consulting is a Social Game: Either You’re In or Out in downtown Washington DC on behalf of Germantown, MD based firm Planet Technologies.

The event will be open to Planet Technologies Managers, Engineers, Developers and select clients and held at Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chao.

Some key speaking points will include:

I’m looking forward to this discussion and I’ll provide feedback if time permits.

Select the image to view the on-demand video segment

In this on-demand segment originally broadcast on WXYC 89.3 FM, I discuss the phenomenon of Twitter followers and examine whether or not high follower counts has a real-world impact. Since the focus of this particular segment is entertainment, I leverage pop culture references to support my argument but the theme applies to all businesses and brands universally.

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Headed to California in 2012 to deliver two SharePoint sessions.


I recently received notification that I will have the opportunity to deliver 2 sessions at the SharePoint Technology Conference held in San Francisco, California in 2012. This will be my third year speaking at the SPTECHCON.

In a SharePoint ecosystem, where free community events have diluted the quality of SharePoint conferences worldwide, this is one event that continuously strives to get things right each year.

I look forward to  networking with the top speakers in the SharePoint community and making new connections.


My appearance on SIRIUS XM discussing the impact of the life and innovation of Steve Jobs is now available for on-demand listening.

This segment originally aired on SIRIUS XM Channel 128 on the Mario Armstrong Radio Show. There are 3 parts overall to the segment where Mario hosted various guests across many different topics/subjects. I encourage you to listen to them all as it was a great segment paying homage to a true genius and innovator in the world of tech.

Playback audio here

This week, I had a custom training project to deliver SharePoint 2010 training to a team of Network Administrators. This team would manage the infrastrucure to include server farm, Windows updates, and system backup but SharePoint would be managed and accessed by a different team.

The challenge is to deliver an understanding of SharePoint from a disaster recovery standpoint and point out key monitoring tools.

An understanding of Central Administration is important with dive into Powershell to provide a solid overview. Of course, there is a whole lot more to be covered but as SharePoint roles evolve throughout organizations, even information management teams that do not directly touch SharePoint will be impacted and this is one clear example.



Thursday afternoon, I was invited on the Mario Armstrong show on SIRIUS XM channel 128 to discuss the Legacy of Steve Jobs on the entertainment industry from a tech standpoint. I covered 3 areas, which lead off with Jobs’ impact on the music industry, which was ushering in the digital music era and creating a sustainable business model for digital products via the launch of the iTunes Music store. The shift from CD/DVD to a digital model was the biggest shift in the music industry to-date. As of today, the iTunes store has enjoyed over 16 billion in sales to this date.

Took Part in Legacy of Steve Jobs Discussion on Mario Armstrong Show

I covered Steve’s mark on the film industry through Pixar and his undeniable footprint and influence on computer animation use in film.

Finally, I covered his personal impact on my career and business model. My brand motto is Go Digital or Go Home, which means to focus on digital alternatives to increase your productivity and day-to-day operations leveraging technology. Through the many examples of ingenuity from Mr. Jobs, the Go Digital philosophy is a way of life.

The audio playback will be available in a couple days, which I will make available here on the site.

Written by: Shadeed Eleazer

Visionary. Genius. Icon. Game Changer.

Temple University was the backdrop for Digital Media Unconference Podcamp Philly on Saturday and Sunday Oct 1-2, 2011, as the best social media minds of the Mid-Atlantic region converged in an effort to learn, share, and collaborate from collective knowledge and unique experience.

Klout for Businesses and Brands Delivered at Temple University

My session captured great questions and engagement from the small crowd assembled. This was a special presentation for me as it was the first time that my Dad got to see me deliver a session. When I first got into speaking, I would replay his old tapes that I have to gain some insight and tips. The feedback he shared afterwards was valuable and will help me improve as a Speaker.

The feedback from this session lets me know that there is value in continuing to publicly discuss Klout as a service and as the digital credit score of the future I believe it will be.