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The Mario Armstrong show on SIRIUS XM channel 128 (The Power) had me on to deliver the news about digital distribution service ‘s new Facebook app which delivers a wide range of goods and services to the independent artists and brands that look to deliver  an integrated ecommerce solution to their friends within Facebook.

Delivered insightful segment on the Mario Armstrong Show

I covered some specific features including the ability to upload an entire catalog and have Facebook friends purchase from within Facebook. ONErpm’s app enables separate pricing structure based on location, the ability to leverage Facebook Likes in order to provide incentives for free downloads.

I’ll link to the audio segment as it becomes available. Tune into the Digital Entertainment Report each week on SIRIUS XM.



Here is the video overview for my presentation on Klout for Businesses and Brands to be delivered this Saturday at the Tuttleman Learning Complex at Temple University.

Select the image to view my presentation overview.

My session starts at 10am in Room 407 A/B. Look forward to your attendance. Thank you for your support.

Onesheet is a gamechanger. Find out why by selecting image to view on-demand segment

Businesses and brands that interact with the media would benefit greatly from creating a profile on new service Onesheet. The traditional onesheet document is such a necessity in promotions and marketing that this service is expected to continue to gain huge traction. View the on-demand segment of Let’s Talk Digital to learn about Onesheet in its entirety.

What are your thoughts on Onesheet? Speak now via the comments section.

Klout. The Measurement of online influence was discussed on Let's Talk Digital

In tonight’s broadcast of Let’s Talk Digital, the topic of discussion was the recent upgrades by online measurement tool Klout, and my bold predictions on how these features will impact independent media, local venues, and brands. The on-demand video will be available this week. Subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive the video when it hits the web.

The sessions for this year’s Podcamp Philly are now available.View the schedule here . I look forward to delivering my session on Klout for Businesses and Brands and also re-connecting with Philly area social media thought leaders

When: Saturday and Sunday October 1st and 2nd, 2011

Where: Tuttleman Learning Center (Temple University)
1210 W. Berks St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Fore more info:



In the latest Digital Entertainment Report delivered on The Mario Armstrong Show hosted by SIRIUS XM, I covered the recent release of Vimeo Music Store, which provides a search engine to locate over 45,000 recordings to be utilized with users’ videos hosted by the service.

Tracks are available for download. What I like about the service is that its the first video sharing platform that has addressing licensing in regards to the web. There are license options for personal/home projects and for public use which could range from film festivals, monetized video series and more.

I see this option benefitting independent filmmakers in many ways. Having access to a library of quality sounds that won’t land the director in hot water is a benefit. There are benefits for businesses and brands of all types and I recommend that you evaluate the service and take a look.

Written by: Shadeed Eleazer


This segment of Lets Talk Digital was released during the week of the IPAD 2. I took to the airwaves and delivered a solid feature overview and provided a forecast of how it will change the market of portable devices as we know it. 

Looking at the IPAD 2 through the lens of today, it’s interesting to see how well it has performed and how some of the newer apps have completely revolutionized the way we read and consume information as a whole.

Amazon is readying its Tablet release, and the game will shift yet again, so its great to look into the Let’s Talk Digital library for a time capsule of how things were on the eve of such a great release in tech history.

Scheduled to Deliver The Digital Goodness to The City of Brotherly Love

 Philadelphia. The home of the cheesesteak, Liberty Bell, and Rocky Balboa will also host Podcamp Philly on the weekend of October 1st and 2nd at Temple University.

I will be onhand to deliver a session titled: The Impact of Klout on Businesses and Brands. This session will explain what Klout is, recent new s that suggests Klout is on the rise, and discuss some of the strong opinions surrounding the service.

Klout is a polarizing tool within the social web community, some believe it is the future, others believe it is inaccurate. My goal in delivering this session is to present my experience and discuss the good and bad of Klout.

What are your thoughts on Klout? You can Tweet me on October 1st @mrshadeed during my session and I’ll read your comment to the audience.

I hope to see you at Temple U for this discussion.

Written by Shadeed Eleazer

Let’s revisit the throwback segment of Lets Talk Digital, where I discuss the impact of LimeWire on peer to peer networking and recorded music as we know it. I also cover the 5th birthday of Twitter during this episode. I will continue to post the entire library of Let’s Talk Digital until we reach episode 1 as part of my On-Demand Project initiative. Enjoy.

How has LimeWire impacted your CD purchasing habits?

Do you think they made a mark on the world?

Leave your thoughts in the Comments Section!

SharePoint Technical Specialist Ira Fuchs of Microsoft delivered a feature presentation for the Baltimore SharePoint User Group for the September meetup. Ira’s knowledge and command of the subject matter was evident from the very beginning as he introduced the key concepts for the first 10 minutes and transitioned over to full demo mode immediately.

During this session I learned the value of presenting ideas from a book you have published. The book serves as the ultimate reference for any questions that are asked during the session. I like the way Ira fielded questions. He answered the question and mentioned the section in the book that provides a deep dive (w/ screenshots) of the concept being delivered.

I highly recommend that you pick up his book Enterprise Application Development in SharePoint 2010. The book defines what an Enterprise App is and what it is not as the author walks through the configuration and development of an Employee Absence Tracking tool on the SharePoint platform.

Written by: Shadeed Eleazer

In my appearance on SIRIUS XM radio’s Mario Armstrong show, I discussed recent news on which foreshadows its emergence as the undisputed standard of online influence for businesses and brands. It was quite an informative session as Mario asked several great questions.

In the segment, I discussed the new feature Topics Pages, made a bold prediction on the future of Klout, and 3 ways that businesses and brands would be impacted by Klout in the near future based on recent news from Mercedes Benz’s Fashion Week held in New York City and Fashion Night Out held in Florida.

The segment also took on special significance as it took place during the week that Mario was presented a contract by NBC to be a full-time TV personality for the Today Show. He reflected on 1 and a half years of traveling from Baltimore to New York city to deliver tech segments for free in an effort to communicate his value to NBC in order to transition to full-time assignments.

About (Digital) Entertainment Tech Report

The Entertainment Tech Report appears on Thursdays on the Mario Armstrong Show on SIRIUS XM Channel 128. Its focus is discussion of apps, tools, and technologies that impact the entertainment industry to include music, fashion, film, and lifestyle. On-demand playback segment of The Entertainment Tech Report will be available in October 2011.

About Mario Armstrong

Mario Armstrong is an Emmy Award winning media personality. He is a Digital Lifestyle Expert, talk show host, media personality, social entrepreneur, public speaker and co-founder of an educational youth initiative:! He translates technology for non-tech audiences.

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Fusing Old World Recipes with New World Gadgets and Gizmos has arrived

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my joint e-book project with Chef Carlton Haynes entitled The Digital Cookbook Series.

In this Volume 1 release, we cover the ways and methods to cook in bulk, using salad, herbs and spices, and chicken. Chef Haynes delivers multiple recipes that include safety instructions and cleaning tips to ensure optimal health for the meal.

I cover various apps that enable shoppers to locate discounts when shopping bulk, and recipe applications to look up 250 salads and two popular apps for herbs and spices

The Digital Cookbook Series Vol 1 will be available on Kindle and Nook e-readers this month. Stay tuned for additional info, videos and other announcements.