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Your Digital Footprint is Never Erased. Click the image to learn its impact on brands

We all have a digital footprint that stores our ups, downs, embarrassing moments and triumphs. As businesses and personal brands, and even employees, we must be aware of how we present ourselves. View this on-demand segment to learn its impact on your business and personal brand leveraging recent newsworthy examples from the entertainment industry.

Select the video to learn my reasons why CloudShare is valuable for your organization

In this short video clip, I share my 3 benefits for gaining value with CloudShare. I personally use it for all technical demos and proof of concept implementations. Learn more about CloudShare at their website.

Being an individual is a choice.

In building your business or brand, you must stand out from the rest and determine what qualities make you unique. It is hard work. It requires critical thinking and most of all daily effort. You have what it takes. Just get started defining who you are and what you do.

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Mobile Marketing Revolutionizes Business Online. Click the image to learn more about Adva Mobile's platform

The on-demand segment for my broadcast introducing the benefits of Adva Mobile on Let’s Talk Digital is now available for your viewing pleasure.
Adva Mobile enables an all-in-one mobile solution that enables direct-to-fan promotions, exclusive content giveaways, mobile pages and more.

Shadeed Eleazer Business Value of SharePoint Community SPSTCDC

Delivering session on Business Value of SharePoint Community at SPSTCDC

It was a great surprise to receive a Tweet that my session on the Business Value of SharePoint Community from SPSTCDC had been featured on Bamboo Nation, the SharePoint community site hosted by Bamboo Solutions.

The writeup was very accurate and detailed. Special thanks to John Anderson for featuring me in his coverage of SharePoint Saturday The Conference.

In the latest release of the Digital Goodness Newsletter, I share 3 observations why your personal brand may not be connecting with your target audience.

If you’re building a brand in 2011, there is no doubt that you spend time thinking of ways to make your Tweets, Facebook interaction, and videos connect with the audience at large.

I would like for my readers and supporters to experience the joys of increased interaction with your respective online/offline communities.

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Your Digital Goodness Newsletter

On Community Day for the first SharePoint Saturday Conference, I will be a guest panelist for “The Myth of The SharePoint Unicorn” which delves into the team building and roles and responsibilities surrounding SharePoint 2010 and Office 365 platforms.
I’m sharing a panel with moderator Rima Reyes, Marie-Michelle Strah, Labrina Loving, and David Berry. I’m looking forward to the audience interaction.