Monthly Archives: June 2011

You Need a Corporate Social Networking Policy

The importance of a written Corporate Social Media Policy for businesses has been upgraded to utmost importance on the priority chart. The days of “block all social sites and it’ll go away” management of Social Media are a thing of the draconian past. The following 3 guidelines for creating your social policy for your business […]

If Iron Mike Tyson Can Redeem Himself, Why Can’t You and Your Brand?

Iron Mike Tyson has lived a hard life while at the same time being one of the most charismatic figures of the 20th century. He rose from a robbery artist in Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York to be crowned the youngest world heavyweight champion in boxing’s illustrious history. At the age of 20, he […]

Collaboration Wars Heat Up as Office 365 Launches w/ Competition from Google Apps

Office 365 launches today at 10am EST in New York City, with Microsoft Chief Exec Officer Mr. Steve Ballmer leading the charge highlighting Office 365 capabilities and the present and future of the cloud based offering. Office 365 merges the online versions of MSFT Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint accompanied with Microsoft Office allowing businesses and […]

The Top 3 Lessons the Marathon Taught Me

Earlier this month, I completed a goal that was on my bucket list. Something to do before I checked out of this life here on Planet Earth. The goal itself required a commitment to many ideals that were foreign to me, or concepts that I was once very good at, and time combined with a […]

Social Media and Your Personal Life: Where Do You Draw the Line?

A split second collision with a deer this week left me with over $3,000 in damages, including needing to get an entire door repaired, both front and back bumpers removed, and my driver’s side mirror completely replaced as it was knocked clean off during the collision. I made the decision *not* to broadcast this personal […]

How I Use Twitter

One of my biggest professional regrets was not writing a book on Twitter when I first joined the site in 2008. I saw early on what the potential was for the site when I was joking with one of the top 50 CEOs to follow on Twitter about creating a GPS that had rapper/icon Snoop […]

Speaking at SharePoint Saturday NY (7/30/11)

I’ve been notified that I’ll be speaking at SharePoint Saturday New York City on Saturday July 30th, 2011. The topic that was selected from my speaker’s proposal for me to deliver issssssss: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective SharePoint Professionals What inspired this presentation? What void will this fill in the SharePoint community? SharePoint practice […]

Have You Read Digital Goodness Newsletter?

In my ongoing campaign to deliver the best content to my readers, supporters, and colleagues, I have been releasing newsletter entitled The Digital Goodness direct to free subscribers. The Digital Goodness is a discussion the latest news, a breakdown of social media tips and strategies, I always provide a Resources section for everything from business […]

The Beatles Are On iTunes and What This Means to You(On-Demand)

In this playback segment (originally aired Nov/2010) broadcast of Hip Hop Bytes  which airs on WXYC 89.3 FM (Chapel Hill, NC),  I’m discussing the news of  iTunes (finally) getting the rights to include the Beatles catalog of 13 albums in the iTunes store and how that impacts hip hop culture from an up and coming […]

3 Personal Branding Lessons from The Macho Man Randy Savage

The Macho Man Randy Savage will forever be remembered as an icon of the World Wrestling Federation’s golden era. He hit his peak as a pro wrestler right when the WWF hit the big lights and primetime audiences. His untimely passing at the age of 58 had saddened many but Randy left behind a few […]

MixCloud’s IPhone App Discussed on Let’s Talk Digital

On this week’s Let’s Talk Digital broadcast, I introduced my listeners to the release of the new IPhone app for Mixcloud, a London based company that connects the listener to radio, podcast, and DJ mixes of all genre. The new app has been said to have resulted in incresed visibility for the platform and of […]

Shadeed Completes 1st Marathon

Stay tuned for a series of blog posts (or just one good one) that illustrates the numerous lessons that preparing for and running the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance has taught me about my life, my goals, and myself.