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Should Bloggers Follow a Code of Ethics

On the Nanci O Radio Show (WXYC 89.3FM), I discuss Should Bloggers Follow a Code of Ethics. This segment was motivated by an extremely personal and public breakup that turned bitter in which a known media outlet that is notorious for its gossip-driven journalism posting photos that were very much out of bounds and questioned the boundaries of good taste.

Listen to my previous Nanci O Segments on technology as it affects the entertainment industry here:

 the day finally arrived when the stars (and schedules) lined up and I was able to deliver a session to the group of SharePoint pros that make up the Princeton SharePoint User’s Group. After almost a year of delays due to projects in Tennessee and Princeton SPUG featuring an impressive speaker lineup year-round, we were finally able to schedule a session.

The Princeton SPUG is a great group with a knowledgeable audience

For this session, I wanted to do something different, so I offered the opportunity for the User Group to vote on which session I would deliver. I normally continue to add details to any session I deliver until the very last moment, but this time, I just wanted to enjoy the audience and focus on interaction and discussion.

The group voted on Understanding SharePoint 2010 Roles and Responsibilities. I had a good feeling about this session for a few reasons:

Bob Hunt, Microsoft Evangelist for the Tri-State area extending all the way down to Pennsylvania was in attendance. It’s great to have Evangelist support for a User Group. Micrsoft PFE Bob Fox also braved the traffic to come and attend the meeting that evening.

The interaction with the audience was great! We discussed the many challenges that face SharePoint professionals with the release of SharePoint 2010 ranging from:

The History of Princeton SPUG (Little Known Facts)

The Princeton SPUG was actually started at SharePoint Saturday NYC in 2009. Founding father, Jason G. attended my session on Redefining SharePoint Administration (The 2010 Mindset) and afterwards we had lunch. During the lunchtime discussion, community events/User Groups were discussed and a User Group was born. Jason worked with Bob Fox on the other details and today, the Princeton SPUG has been around for over 1 year and has hosted many talented SharePoint professionals, which is impressive for a startup User Group.

I mention the numerous delays in the opening of this post because I was originally scheduled to be the group’s first guest speaker (for you trivia enthusiasts).

All-in-all, I had a great time speaking at the Princeton SPUG. They are located in a great location, and I encourage SharePoint speakers to add the group to your calendar.

Written by: Shadeed Eleazer

Photo by:Batmoo under Creative Commons License

The 10th Anniversary of The Experts Conference featured speakers and attendees from around the world in an exhibition of technical demonstration, discussion and an exchange of ideas with the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas as the backdrop for it all to take place.

In its 10th year, TEC 2011 managed to deliver true 400-level sessions on the Microsoft technology stack. The conference also included Virtualization and Cloud computing this year, PowerShell in addition to Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.

The SharePoint track, while small in comparison to the more established TEC learning tracks, featured some of the community’s best speakers. The great thing about TEC 2011 is the small speaker-to-audience ratio which allows for in-depth Q&A.

This year’s TEC event was also significant as this was the last conference that Joel Oleson would oversee in his role with Quest. There were a few very nice tribute events held in Joel’s honor and to acknowledge the work he’s done with Quest and The Experts’ Conference.  

I delivered two sessions at the event:

I can say without a doubt that speaking in front of those two audiences was the most prepared I have ever been to deliver presentations. I wanted to audience to receive my very best effort and the preparation that I put into the research, the demos, and speaking points reflected that.

Afterwards, for interested parties, I planned a conference call to host follow up discussion on key items introduced during those two sessions. I am looking for more ways to add value to my audience.

The Quest staff, lead by Michelle, did a phenomenal job of ensuring that TEC 2011 was a 1st class event. Red Rock Resort and Casino provided a wonderful venue. I was honored to be a part of this event.

Written by: Shadeed Eleazer