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On this evening’s Social Media Manners live chat hosted live on Twitter, the group welcome Linked In expert
Viveka von Rosen for a 1 hour question and answer session on Linked In and social media etiquette.

Below is the Tweet Transcript followed by some of the memorable Tweets shared by von Rosen.

I’m a big fan of personalizing subject lines and invitations – makes people think they are not in an invitation mill. #smmanner

Umm – Personal on LinkedIn? Nah – maybe in groups and updates & personal messages but be spare. this Isn’t facebook #smmanners

If you do have an “unlicensed” profession but did get licensed or certified make sure to put that in education and certifications #smmanners

My best tip? LinkedIn is a network of people -give them your respect, read their profiles when you want to start a relationship. #smmanners

Ira Fuchs releases a new SharePoint 2010 book

In the coming weeks, I’ll be delivering a review of Ira Fuchs’ new book Enterprise Application Development in SharePoint 2010. This title from IHF Publishing walks the reader through step-by-step screenshots of how to create an enterprise Employee Absence Tracking application in SharePoint 2010.

The primary tools used to create the solution are SharePoint Designer and InfoPath 2010. The Employee Absence Tracking app was developed using a no-code approach which will appeal to skillsets ranging from IT Pro to Business Analysts and Developers will enjoy a new approach and apprecation to the native features of SharePoint 2010, Designer, and InfoPath 2010.

As we near the release of the review, I may contact Ira for a quick interview to gather his thoughts on no-code solutions and the creation of this book and possibly do a giveaway to readers of

What are your thoughts on no-code applications?

What have been your experiences with no-code applications?

Leave your experiences in the comments section below.

Written by Shadeed Eleazer


The Microsoft Project Conference 2012 has been announced. It will be held in sunny Phoenix, Arizona on 3/19 through 3/22/2012.

Why attend?
It is an outstanding gathering of Project and Portfolio Management professionals from around the world.
Attendees receive guidance and best practices direct from the Microsoft Project team in addition to MSFT partners, and experts.

When is Registration?
Registration opens May 2011. Expo info will also be announced during this time.

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