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The first ‘Code Camp’ for IT professionals was established this Friday, March 18th as Techstravaganza hosted professionals from Exchange, Powershell, Windows Phone 7, and SharePoint communities at the Microsoft building in Manhattan.

The session I delivered was Real World Social Networking Adoption Strategies Leveraging SharePoint 2010.

Technical Demos

My session featured demos for the following concepts:

Wireframes Displayed

The session featured wireframe sketches of the following concepts:

The audience in attendance of my session were very saavy and asked questions which sparked great debates.


Deliverable to You

I am putting the final touches on a white paper that further outlines the concepts and demos that were featured in this presentation. Attendees of the session & members of this site get an advanced download link followed by the rest of the individuals who are looking to access this content.


I enjoyed Techstravaganza and I look forward to speaking at a future event.

DocAve provides organizations with the power and flexibility to perform backup and restorations ranging from the entire platform including SharePoint 2010 filesystem, settings, and workflow to item level lists and single documents.

When deploying any third party tools that integrate with your current systems, it is important to understand how the key terms and definitions map to your business terminology, especially in the IT department. What I’ve listed below are the key terms with definitions that I’ve come across on my projects where I’ve designed enterprise backup solutions leveraging DocAve 5.

Criticality Matrix – New feature with the release of DocAve 5 that intelligently classifies SharePoint content based on its usage levels and importance to the organization.
This allows the configuration of backups based on rules and real-time data analysis cascading down to item level.

Out-of-Place Restore – Restoring content to existing or newly provisioned SharePoint sites, lists, and libraries that are different from the original location. DocAve allows out-of-place restoration to networked file shares and also file systems

Job Monitor – An Administrative page within the DocAve GUI that allows view of Plan View, Job ID, Progress of Backup and/or Restore, Detail (Status Update), and Start Time. The Job Monitor also has multiple views for detailed progress on backup and restores in real-time.

Restore Controller\Granular Restore – Management feature within the DocAve GUI allowing Administrators the ability to schedule restores ranging from platform to item level. The Restore Controller also contains the Restore Timeline, which allows a timeline view of all backup jobs within a specified time range

Agent Groups – The method by which DocAve provides an centralized location and interface to monitor both system agent and farm configurations.
Once an Agent Group is named and configured, DocAve will intelligently execute tasks leveraging the Agent that has the most available resources.
Agent Groups are located under Control Panel > Agent Services > Agent Group within the DocAve GUI 

What other terms do you believe should be added? Leave comments or follow me on Twitter and let’s get the discussion going.

On this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Digital, I covered the release of IPAD 2nd generation and provided an overview of the brief features and outlook on the market at large.


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On my latest project, I am supporting the United States Army in its very first SharePoint 2010 deployment. In my previous support of Army commands,

I’ve found that there are very few sectors that have a more effective end-user adoption rate than the Department of Defense.  SharePoint is utilized heavily to enable worldwide collaboration between units that are deployed and the bases that support them.

Here are but a few common usage scenarios that I’ve noted amongst many others:

Naming Conventions

Deploying SharePoint within Army commands and groups requires a deep understanding of the technical jargon and a sea of acronyms that dominate the language of our Warfighters.

SharePoint team sites, webparts, libraries all take on different names that are used daily.


A SharePoint deployment in the classified world requires a totally different mindset. Attention to detail is a must. Network and Windows platform security can change the complexity and direction of the deployment of SharePoint.

This SharePoint deployment is groundbreaking in terms of SharePoint 2010 running on SIPRNET.


What is SIPRNET?

The Secure Internet Protocol Router Network is a classified computer network used for sharing information up to Secret level.