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The SharePoint Technology Conference is right upon us. SPTECHCON is a conference I’ve enjoyed speaking at and participating in Ask the Experts and other events within this conference.
Below are the dates and times for my two scheduled presentations at this conference held in San Francisco (Burlingame) , CA.

105 SharePoint Roles and Responsibilities: 2010 and Beyond
Tues., Feb. 8, 9:30 am – 10:45 am
Roles and Responsibilities are a key component of any successful SharePoint deployment. I will provide insights on how each release of SharePoint has further evolved the role of SharePoint professionals and what this means for the release of SharePoint 2010.

603 Enhancing End User Productivity via SP Certified Site Coordinator Program
Wed., Feb. 9, 10:30 am – 11:45 am
Empowering End Users and the methods to do so are a gray area that many organizations encounter when deploying SharePoint. In this presentation, I am sharing what has been successful in educational sectors such as the University of Tennessee and other federal organizations through the creation of the Site Coordinator Program. If you are tasked with training end users or are responsible for post deployment rollout, then this is a session you must attend.

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*Use hashtag #sptechcon on Twitter Search to receive real-time updates before and during the conference.

On tonight’s Let’s Talk Digital, I will be discussing the phenomenon known as Drunk Tweeting on Twitter and Facebook updates while under the influence. One of the biggest concerns of our society moving forward into a world of full transparency is the fact that our most embarrassing moments will be captured online forever, tagged in a Facebook photo album.
I will be discussing Social Media Sobriety Test, a plug-in that users install and configure with specific times that issue a sobriety test using your mouse trackpad. If you fail, you’re barred from posting on your social network until the specified time is up.

For more info on this plugin,

Twitter Roll Call will also take place and a new segment known as Digital 101, where I provide a brief definition on an essential element of the Digital landscape. Just another way to continue to educate the listener base.

Let’s Talk Digital airs as part of The Indie Top Ten Plus One Radio at 7pm on Sunday nights.

How to Answer a HARO Journalist Query from Peter Shankman on Vimeo.
What is HARO?
Help A Reporter Out is a source for journalists to locate sources to complete their news stories effectively.
As a subscriber, you will receive daily emails complete with queries w/ requests from sources in different topics ranging from technology to healthcare. It is a very effective means for a personal brand or company to strengthen their credibility indicators via mainstream press.
Once you encounter a query that benefits your agenda, you are able to respond directly to the reporter making the inquiry.


The Baltimore SharePoint User’s Group will be kicking off the January 2011 meeting at ProObjects in Hanover, MD on 1/20/2011.

ProObjects 7467 Ridge Road Hanover, MD 21076. Third floor.
Some directional notes: When you turn on to Ridge road you make almost an immediate left, then an immediate right. That will take you to the right side of the building (7467) which is where the main entrance is. Elevators are on the left side of the lobby. Take them to the third floor and walk straight out of the elevators. We’re right there.

Photo Credit lessismore under Creative Commons License


Here is the video entitled “What’s In a Name?” from the Microsoft Certified Trainer course that I delivered in Manhattan. MCT is part of the CTT+ Training course which requires each attendee to submit a 20 minute video for consideration to be CTT Certified. This 5 minute video was a ‘warmup’ required by our Instructor.
What’s In a Name (5 Min Presentation)

What is the importance behind names? In this presentation, you will be given the understanding that will change the way you look at names forever.
Objectives include:
Breakdown the anatomy of a name
Three Strategies to supercharge the first impressions you make with new associates and colleagues

*This presentation was used as video submission criteria for CompTia CTT + Exam and Microsoft Certified Trainer course.