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ToVieFor meets a core need of up to 100 million women in the US. An online location where cost-conscious shoppers can bid for high fashion items through a unique sale. Members can choose the price that they want to pay within a particular time as long as there is inventory.
Discounts can drop as low as 70% off retail during a 10 minute period.

To participate in a sale, it can cost anywhere ranging from .99 to 4.99 depending on the retail value of the item up for sale.
The example in the video displays price dropping. The price will drop by $100.00 in 10 minutes. However, if 500 members are participating in a sale, the price will drop by $250.00 in that same 10 minute time span!

Ladies can finally avoid knock-off handbags and luxury items and men now have a location that they access around holiday and anniversary time. It’s a win-win for all who love fashion delivered by technology.

Will you be using the ToVieFor service? Leave comments below.
Written by Shadeed Eleazer


I just received the news that I’ll be one of the speakers at the SharePoint Saturday DC Federal event happening on October 16, 2010. Looking forward to it. I’ll be delivering a session based on a Federal consulting project for a large government agency that truly reaped the benefits.

This SharePoint Saturday event is unique in that it marks the first time that a specific theme was applied to SP Saturday. I am honored to take part and am glad I was selected.

Below is my session information including description:

Session Title: Enhancing Federal End-User Productivity via SharePoint Site Coordinator Program(Case-Study)

Session Description (300 Words Max): In this technical case study presentation, presenter Shadeed Eleazer will take attendees step-by-step through the process of creating and delivery of a Certified End User program designed to increase federal information worker productivity for a large Federal Agency that adopted SharePoint.
Learning objectives are as follows:
Discuss the overall vision of the Site Coordinator program
Outline change control procedures and support challenges during implementation
Discuss various audience types (legal, admin, mgmt) and outline strategies for delivery of training
List and discuss upcoming challenges as Federal Agency gears up for SharePoint 2010
This session will provide attendees with a close observation of how end user engagement can enhance the overall quality of deliverables and strengthen an overall federal SharePoint deployment.


Transforming Your Podcast into a Respected Media Outlet
In this session, attendees will learn :
* Implementing the age-old tactics of old media to improve your podcast to professional quality
* Building Community Presence: Proven offline strategies to establish your podcast as a major player in your city
* Smaller is Better: How your podcast can compete with the big-time radio stations in your city
* Strategies for establishing your podcast’s on-air personalities into local celebrities
* Discuss multiple proven strategies to build sponsorship and advertising revenue for your podcast
* The Art of the Interview: How to use interviews to develop social proof, revenue, and respect for your podcast

Location: Temple University


Photo credit: Listen Up Myrtle Beach
Session Itinerary listed within the post
In this 60 minute SMES Digital Workshop, attendees will gain an understanding of the following:

*Why Everything You Do Is News: How to Build a Brand that Translates to Online Success
*Methods for separating your personal life from your entertainment life online
*Offline strategies to build and enhance your presence online
*Understanding of New media including how to deal with bloggers
*Social Media Spring Cleaning: Outline key strategies to Tune Up Your Social Networks to Operate their best
*Build Your Voice: How to start your own media outlet in the entertainment industry

Video Testimonial from #spsnyc speaker @resing + @mrshadeed from Innovative-e on Vimeo.

Video Testimonial from #spsnyc speaker @resing + @mrshadeed from Dux Raymond Sy on Vimeo.

Quick trip down memory lane as Dux Raymond Sy interviews Microsoft Certified Master Tom Resing and yours truly, Shadeed Eleazer. The interesting thing about this video is that Tom and I were discussing his pursuit of the coveted MCM cert and its great to see that he made the journey and completed his goal.
This video was recorded in New York City, which is always one of my favorite places to deliver presentations.
Just the energy of the city alone is enough to motivate one to greatness.

Here is the audio from my segment on Chapel Hill College Station WXYC 89.3 on strategies to build your primary point of interest that leads to establishing online communities and monetizing your presence online.

Blog Post on the Nanci O Radio Site:…

Segment Audio.

For the current Beta Business Review, I’m taking a look at It is a social network based around the concept of storylines that are grouped chronologically. Users can target storylines for public viewing or for certain groups. Public storylines can be borrowed and exist on multiple user profiles.


Tonight, I’ll be appearing on WXYC 89.3 FM, Chapel Hill, NC on the Hip Hop Bytes segment.
On this segment, I’ll be following up on the segment that I delivered introducing the concept of building a Marketplace of Interest for your brand extending into your primary products or services.
On this segment, I’ll be discussing methods that individuals and small entities can utilize to build the leverage and attention needed to ensure an easier online campaign using digital distribution methods.
I share 3 methods that total beginners can utilize to get started with an initial digital campaign effectively in this segment.
View the video below: It will be referenced during the segment. It features Damon Dash, former CEO of Rocawear and Rocafella brands providing advice to up and coming artists Currensy and Asher Roth.

Insidetrack Episode 2 by insidetrack2010

Insidetrack Episode 2
Uploaded by insidetrack2010. – Check out other Film & TV videos.
In an awesome new episode of Inside Track, Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo fame, talks mobile apps, the new methods of song creation and more. #Whydidn’tIthinkofthisidea? :)
Inside Track Synopsis

On each episode of Inside Track, the world’s biggest recording artists reveal how they’re using the latest, innovative technologies to create their music and connect with fans. And they give their take on how this tech enhances your life.


The CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival has announced its first round of music industry panels. The event will take place in the world’s greatest city, New York, New York from 10/19 thru 10/23, 2010. Look forward to over 1,200 live performances leveraging over 75 venues.

A few of the panels I’m looking forward to are Tailored Plans for Modern Bands, Hitting Your Target: Using Adwords, Facebook Ads and Blog Networks to Reach Your Fans, So You Want to Be a Music Blogger, Who Cares?, Your Brand is Your Future, and The 360 Deal Does a 180. There will be tons more industry panels for attendees to get interactive with at the mega-event.

Register for the event here:


ASCAP has taken a step into the future with the launch of ASCAP Mobile, which will be released in support of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. ASCAP has become the first performance rights organization to launch an app in support of Apple’s portable devices.

“The ASCAP Mobile app further reinforces ASCAP’s leadership position in the application of new technologies to better serve the needs of our members,” said John LoFrumento, CEO of ASCAP. “The free app offers our members and the industry a new way to stay connected with ASCAP while they are on the go, putting a secure connection to Member Access, the entire ASCAP repertory and industry news in the palm of their hands.”

Additional features include an online portal offering 24/7 access to catalog and royalty information.
E-statements, which allow royalty data to be analyzed and placed into reports such as Excel or Counterpoint Music Maestro. New royalty statements can also be downloaded in a PDF format.
For more info, log-on to

Written by: Shadeed Eleazer


Audio file sharing juggernaut, Soundcloud has recently announced the addition of Advanced Search to its lineup of offerings. Advanced search offers the user the ability to search by tagged content, record label, type of track, release date, and more.

Users now have the option to search for tracks that have been released under a Creative Commons License.
Soundcloud has launched a site dediccated to audio released under CC here

The Creative Commons folks have also chimed in on their site with their thoughts about the integration.