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7 Habits of Highly Successful SharePoint Professionals #SPSNY from Shadeed Eleazer on Vimeo.


Sitting in the “SharePoint Thought Chair”. Good times.


Caption: The Eagle Has Landed. UT Campus. Go SharePoint. (Read more below)
I was notified that I needed to be at the University of Tennessee in 2 days to play a key role in SharePoint 2010 migration efforts. My due dilligence and fact-finding concerning the project could not have prepared me
for the wonderful, career defining opportunity I have found myself in once I arrived.

My mission for the project is four-fold with many objectives that will have long-lasting impact upon the campus for years to come as they move forward with a cutting edge implementation of SharePoint.

Mission 1: Conduct Emergency Knowledge Transfer and Assume Role of Primary SharePoint Resource
* The campus does a whole lot with limited staffing. When those limited staffing people move onto other opportunities, it can be chaotic. Over 40 SharePoint projects in the Operations Queue waiting to be done. Prioritize and move forward.

Mission 2: Lead the Migration of Tennessee’s 95 County Sites into a SharePoint 2010 Implementation
* This area will require a separate blog post. Very interesting work.

Mission 3: Migrate MySite Profiles into SharePoint 2010 MySite Implementation
* Many organizations haven’t developed a MySite “strategy”. UT definitely has adopted MySites and the migration has proved to be valuable experience moving forward and working with Microsoft on these areas has been a great experience.

Mission 4: Define and Develop Configuration Management strategy
* Provide recommendations and hardcore documentation on what exists, how it works, and what needs to be added. It’s one of the things I do best so I’m looking forward to that part.