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Mr.Shadeed Breaks Down the Digital 101 Lecture on 6/28 and 7/17 to give attendees an idea of what to expect. The summer itinerary is also discussed with regard to E-books, more lecture dates, and latest news.


For the latest Book Club offering, I’ll be covering Sahil Malik’s new book Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010.
Sahil’s writing style is a combination of techical knowledge, product history, and his unique perspective which contains humor and a laid back approach which oftentimes is not the personality of a serious developer.

This book was highly anticipated for me, as I had the opportunity to attend an extended training session hosted by Sahil and he previewed select sections of the book before it went to press.

Book Overview
This book provides a fresh take on Microsoft’s premier collaboration solution. A critical resource if you’re developing on the SharePoint platform, this book features a complete focus on the new features and capabilities of SharePoint 2010. Through a thorough treatment of sites, web parts, data management, portal solutions, and business intelligence capabilities, you’ll appreciate author Sahil Malik’s concise yet highly readable text.
With this book, you’ll gain intermediate-level guidance for designing and deploying exciting business solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

What you’ll learn
*Write effective SharePoint 2010 solutions that can be used on the Web, through Microsoft Office, and on mobile devices.
*Find out best practices for managing data stored in a SharePoint site and the most effective ways to get value out of it.
*Discover how to write effective web parts and pages and integrate those solutions across other Microsoft technologies.
*Put on your designer hat and create a custom look and feel for your SharePoint site or portal.
*Learn how to use existing data to create business intelligence solutions based on SharePoint sites.

Who this book is for
This book is for the typical SharePoint 2010 project team member who is technical in nature. It is aimed more toward developers, IT pros, and technical architects than designers or non-technical team members.

Buy Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Building Solutions for SharePoint 20…

SharePoint 2010 Governance Strategies

View more presentations from Shadeed Eleazer.

The presentation slidedeck for my lecture on SharePoint 2010 Governance Strategies is now available for download and general SharePoint easy reading. This session was delivered on June 15th to the HiSoftware Federal User Group in downtown Washington, DC. Special thanks to Dana for organizing this event and the good folks at Planet Technologies for bringing this opportunity to my attention.

This session is one module of my series entitled “Building a Perfect SharePoint Practice” which will be available once all course material is finalized. Building a Perfect SharePoint Practice is designed to provide resources and education for consulting companies who specialize in SharePoint.

Additional modules in this series include:

*SharePoint 2010 Roles and Responsibilities
*The Recruiter’s Roadmap to Smarter SharePoint Staffing
*Deploying SharePoint as a Service
*7 Habits of Highly Effective SharePoint Professionals


I delivered a 45 minute presentation on SharePoint 2010 Governance Strategies for the
HiSoftware Federal SharePoint User’s Group in downtown Washington DC.

I was a very last minute fill-in for John Gerl, who was scheduled to speak but had to
reschedule due to unforseen events. The audience consisted of 508 compliance gurus,
and policy makers from various agencies based around the DC Metro area.

The feedback was solid for the presentation and I made sure to slant the presentation towards
the Federal audience. It is a comfort zone for me since I have supported the demands of the
Federal government for so long.

Topic-wise, I was aware of my 45 minute timeslot so I delivered solid analogies and presented a case study with the intent of getting straight to the point and giving them solid info to take with them back to their organizations.

I look forward to doing more exciting collaborations with the HiSoftware Group in the future.

HiSoftware offers some great solutions for Federal agencies that I’ll be evaluating in the
next few weeks.


If you can make it here. You can make it anywhere. Big city of dreams. New York, NY.

The Eagle has landed and I’ll be heading to the Big Apple to deliver a unique session for the SharePoint Saturday event to be held in late July.

The event will be held at the Microsoft Manhattan building . This is the fifth SharePoint Saturday NYC event, so it has quickly become the most established event over the past 16-18 months.
My last trip to speak at this event, I delivered two sessions, Redefining SharePoint Administration (2010 and Beyond) and Transitioning into SharePoint Careers.

This time around, I am unveiling content from my upcoming complete training/educational series entitled Build a Better SharePoint Practice, which will empower Practice Leads and organizations seeking to deploy SharePoint services with the tools to build their organizations. The complete series will consist of DVDs, whitepapers and reference material.

The title of this session is: 7 Habits of Highly Successful SharePoint Professionals.

Session Abstract:
What are the qualities and intangibles that separate the average professional from the great SharePoint professionals?
In this session, the roadmap towards becoming a top notch SharePoint professional will be revealed and analyzed.
Attendees will gain an in-depth knowledge of the qualities that based on observation of and interaction with the best-of-the best as experienced by Mr. Shadeed Eleazer.
The following areas of focus will be covered in this session:
* How Highly Effective SharePoint Professionals approach projects
* How Highly Effective SharePoint Pros prepare for new SharePoint releases
* Case studies and examples leveraging the top SharePoint professionals in the community
IT professionals transitioning into SharePoint will gain an understanding of what it takes to get started in SharePoint
Experienced SharePoint pros will gain a new viewpoint of their own talents and be equipped with strategies to strengthen key areas in their own growth and development.
I am energized simply by visiting New York and taking in the sites and sounds. Will you be attending? If so, connect with me on Twitter and we’ll line up time to talk shop.

On tonight’s feature episode of The Nanci O Radio Show, I’ll be sharing my top tips for Social Network Spring Cleaning. The show airs from 9pm – 12 midnight.

Nanci O Radio broadcasts in Chapel Hill, NC -but- you can listen to the livestream by logging on to: and listen to the segment on your computer or download the iPhone app.

I’m leaning heavily towards doing a broadcast on Go Digital TV at 12 midnight, so stay tuned to your Facebook or Twitter timelines for that announcement.

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I came across this image while browsing The Facebook. It belongs to the group “I don’t care about $$, as long as I don’t have to spend my life in ….” This image got the wheels turning in my mind.
The majority of adults are fascinated with living life on their own terms or having the total freedom to take a trip around the world, not work at all, and live the dreams of their youth. What stops us in adulthood from reaching that plateau?

A comedian recently made the statement that “The Person You Are At 30, is basically who you will be!”
Is 30 the cut-off age for dreams and achievement? Do we have to compromise the dreams of warm, sandy beaches for being buried in bills, family obligations and growing older?

As you go through your workweek, Ask yourself “Why Am I Here?” and “How Can I Do My Job Better?”
In my own personal journey, I’ve found that work with purpose is often the most productive. If a streetsweeper understands that this job is a stepping stone to help his kids afford private schooling, then he will work harder and his job will become an “artform”.

There are very good books on the subject that provide step by step instructions on how to “break free”.

Take a look at The Four Hour Workweek, Vagabonding, and The Way We Are Working Isn’t Working.

Find me on Twitter and Answer the Question: Do I work to live or live to work and why?? I look forward to your responses :)

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Snoopy: Literary Genius

My connection to writing has been a long-standing relationship and has been very rewarding. I started off writing articles ranging from sports to the community issues for my high school newspaper. My early background has been spent learning under the tutelage of traditional journalists from respected newspapers and even from a great friend of mine who was a speech writer for local politicians.
My gift for writing has been best expressed in the form of proposal writing, business plans, and resume writeups throughout the past 10 years. These varying experiences have lead to me jumping into writing a book.

I actually plan on writing 3 books of different lengths by Mar 2011. Project 1 is a collection of frequently asked questions that I receive from my columns and radio segments. I will answer each question in full detail and delve into both the history and psychological aspects of each question. Project 2 will have a significant impact for that target niche. Project 3 is something I should have done 3 years ago.

The writing is coming along smoothly. Finding the time to consistently sit down and write has been my biggest challenge. I’m 4 chapters into Project 1 and I’m impressed by the body of work so far. A colleague of mine recently sent me his completed book for review purposes. That served as additional motivation to complete this journey.

I don’t claim to know a whole lot about independent book publishing but the books I write will serve as a take home item for those who come to listen to lectures on those 3 subjects that I deliver. I will keep you posted as developments change.