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On this week’s Let’s Talk Digital, I go into discussion mode on The FaceBook’s New Privacy features that have been announced by CEO Mark Zuck on Wednesday. There were a lot of complaints from the massive user community that Facebook has amassed over the past few years about privacy issues and most recently with the initial rollout of the new privacy model. The new changes have largely simplified who can view your content into page with privacy controls.

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I recently participated in a segment on Nanci O Radio Show entitled “Is Hip Hop Under Surveillance”?


The segment discussed the law enforcement tactic of utilizing YouTube videos to build a case against underground artists with lyrics that carry a Rated R tag with criminal history.
This is a real eye-opener for those artists who depict a criminal lifestyle and persona through their music.
In the segment, I provide examples of local artists in cities in Ohio and South Carolina who have been arrested based on weapons and lyrics in videos posted on YouTube.…


The Northern VA Community College was the site for the largest SharePoint Saturday event to date.
The total tally registered 900 + attendees which is triple the average attendance of typical SharePoint Saturday Conferences held worldwide.

Over 90 speakers were accepted to speak at SharePoint Saturday DC. For the attendees, there were numerous learning tracks to select which enhanced the overall experience for attendees.

I delievered a 75 minute session based on a Technical Case Study that I completed at the Social Security Administration in the design of an enterprise backup/recovery solution leveraging AvePoint’s DocAve 4.5 and 5.0 solutions. AvePoint is a New Jersey based company that specializes in SharePoint support in a wide range of areas.

The Speaker’s Dinner was heavily attended and the highlights included the unveiling of the new group “Women In SharePoint” which all ladies should join and support. The SharePint event was well attended as well. It was sponsored by Rackspace which was a great opportunity for attendees to network with speakers in a laid-back setting.

Overall, this event displayed the potential expansion of the event and now there is talk of a two day SharePoint Saturday DC event in 2011. Thanks to Dux, Dan, Gino, and Jennifer for organizing this event.

On this Sunday’s Let’s Talk Digital, I discussed the impact that social media marketing has had on the sport of professional boxing. In the wake of the Floyd “Money” Mayweather and “Sugar” Shane Mosely grossing one of the highest pay per view buys and strong ticket sales, I discuss the new channels of promotion that fighters and promotional companies are using to engage the die-hard fans and attract casual fans to the sport.

I touch upon Mayweather’s use of Twitter to engage fans and his new iPhone app as well.

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