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Certain movies have an impact on your life in many ways. Despite the fact that “its just a movie”, I know of several people who have viewed horror movies and it impacted their day-to-day lives.

The original Nightmare on Elm Street, in my opinion, is one of the top 10 scariest movies of all time. I believe that what makes a movie truly scary is when it manipulates a common part of real life and gives it a scary twist. The theme centered around Nightmare on Elm Street was that the kids in the movie would be haunted in their sleep and after a while they didn’t know if they were dreaming or awake.

The remake hits theaters today and although Robert England is not onboard to play Freddy in this remake, Jackie Earle Haley stepped up to the plate and gave Freddy a new personality.

I’m normally very harsh in critiquing remakes. I think the best remake to date is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Will Nightmare on Elm Street stand the test of time? Hit the movie theaters and find out.


On the Latest Let’s Talk Digital episode, I discuss Facebook accounting for 41% of social networking traffic. The interesting thing to note is that at the point in 2009, MySpace was the leader in social network traffic with Facebook slightly trailing.

I also discuss Facebook’s partnership with Pandora and how the integration will enhance the user experience.

Let’s Talk Digital airs every Sunday on at 7:30pm on The Indie Top Ten Plus One Radio broadcasting from Virginia Beach, VA.


I’ve been putting together segments off and on since 2005-2006 for an Internet broadcast known as That’s The Business which was marketed as “Common Sense Strategies for today’s Business Professional”.

I’ve decided to put together some new content for the podcast because I need an outlet to discuss current news events from the perspective of impact and ramifications. Stay tuned for that, I plan to release some deep topics through That’s The Business.

You can view The Business Podcast on the homepage of this site on the right hand side.


On the latest Let’s Talk Digital segment, which airs every Sunday night at 7pm on on the The Indie Top Ten Plus One Radio, I will be discussing Ning’s decision to layoff 40% of the workforce, new management decisions and the phasing out of Free social networks within the Ning ecosystem.

What will this mean for the entertainment industry?
What options do Network Creators have?

Musicians around the world will definitely appreciate the new addition to the BandPage Facebook app that enables artists to customize their pages and plug right into Facebook without any Farmville or Mafia Wars strings attached.
Where MySpace went overboard with user customization, allowing members to fully design pages which became a nightmare, Facebook took a conservative, uniform approach which certainly helped with adoption and acceptance of the platform.

As more and more musicians found themselves migration their networks over to Facebook, there were more and more requests for ways to make their pages stand out from the rest. Enter BandPage Plus.

What is BandPage Plus?

It incorporates a Soundcloud music player that allows multi-tasking. You can listen to music while you check out the rest of the page that includes Twitter feed, Facebook wall, photos, bio, and more.

What Does it Cost?

For the cost of a burger and fries from the Dollar Menu of your fav Fast Food joint ($1.99), you are allowed to create a BandPage of your own design. If you don’t have web design experience, that’s ok, they have great tools to bring out the designer-in-you!

I’m Sold! Where Do I Go for More Info?

The holy grail of BandPage lives at:


First quarter is down. Lots of breakthroughs and lessons learned. The months of April, May, and June will provide new challenges that will require me to stretch mentally and physically (for my workout goals) to reach and exceed them. So much has been achieved that its hard to believe that we’ve only just left March 2010.
I find it helpful to continuously raise my standards even if its incremental growth. We’ll see how Quarter 2 plays out.