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The video above is a sneak peek into the MOG All Access service that will debut on Dec 2nd, 2009. It has a ton of great features including the ability to quickly search and play entire albums via a deep music on-demand library, creation of “radio stations” consisting of one artist, create your own profile and search for other profiles and playlists on the MOG network (10 million users) all for $5 bucks per month. I will be discussing MOG All Access on my Let’s Talk Digital segment on the Indie Top Ten Plus One Radio show which airs this weekend.

300x250illmuzik1 is a web based community consisting of hip hop, R&B, drum/bass producers that was established in 2001 in Canada. What separates this the “Illmuzik community” from many other forums and sites is that there is an obvious willingness to uphold the standards of the community, blatant spam and sales attempts are shut down quickly by the members of the forums and several members have collaborated on albums and various projects.

My first music column “Blowing Up From the Basement” was established on – I have since gone on to do so much more but I always make sure I continue to contribute to the community through answering PMs that come to my Illmuzik profile and sharing knowledge, advice, and content through the forums and my blog on the site.

The link below is to the first conference call that I established for members of This is Part I, which is 18 minutes long. Conference call lasted for over an hour. I will do many more but you never forget your 1st. Conference Call

As I mentioned in my segment Let’s Talk Digital on The Indie Top Ten Plus One Radio Show, here is a brief breakdown of how Google Music Search works. Leave questions and comments below. Thanks for your support of Let’s Talk Digital!