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In this segment on Revolt Radio, I discuss entertainer T-Pain’s new I-Phone app released in partnership with called “I Am T-Pain”. I personally think it was a genius move from branding and business expansion standpoints.

I also touch upon news concerning Napster and web conferencing application Dim Dim releasing a webinar add-on that enables users to host conferences of up to 1,000 participants. I think the monetization features via the Eventbrite partnership make it an attractive tool to leverage in your business practices.

I was notified that my segment with Revolt Radio will be expanding. I believe I’ll have a Friday timeslot now and my segment time will increase which is great because I can go in-depth with certain topics and answer questions from the emails I receive from the listener community.

My Thoughts on Revolt Radio
I’ve been with Revolt since they’ve started almost two years ago. Honestly, what I didn’t know was how many people actually listen to the show. Revolt Radio went into syndication VERY quickly and has been picked up by at least 12 web and terrestrial outlets, including Amalgam Digital and 88.1 FM down in Raleigh, NC.
I’ve always enjoyed doing the show and I’ve never fully grasped the concept that people actually listen to it, even to the point where I’ve done interviews and the host has quoted something I said on an episode of Revolt Radio and asked for further explanation. If you have Digital Music questions, email me at: and I’ll read the good ones on the air and answer LIVE.

The show has over 250,000 subscribers and is downloaded over 2,000 times monthly.

Listen to the latest segment here:


Over the past few years, I’ve really worked on honing my event coverage skills to the point where I don’t attend without capturing some form of content. It could be photos, audio, video.

While I have done a good job of capturing the moment, my rate of broadcasting this info has been abysmal at best. Most of the content you have seen from me has been published to remain in good graces with publicists, managers, and reps – who expect you to publish their client’s information ASAP or within your specified release schedule. That aspect, I have done exceptionally well with.

The bad part is that I have at least 100 hours of exclusive interviews, concert footage, speeches, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, and radio/tv broadcasts that you guys haven’t seen. If this content was released in some regular schedule, the way you perceive me may be completely changed.

This fact has lead me to shy away from certain events because I already have content that needs to run, do I really need to cover another event??

I’m looking at outsourcing my video/photo needs to a trusty professional.