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One of the major effects of heavy usage of technology in my personal life is that I have somehow managed to almost cut my daytime minutes usage by 60%, yet I have more profitable discussions and interactions that lead to worthwhile projects and collaborations than at any other point in my life. Fascinating.

For the remaining calls that I am currently fielding, some are lost to dropped calls, extended time in cell phone “dead zones” and many other areas that drive me to improve that statistic.

My latest personal add-on is my attempt to enable people in my life to get straight to the point through simply going to my personal online calendar and booking my time directly.

Through the great folks at Tungle.Me, I now have a public link to my personal calendar that interested personalities can use through accessing this Direct meeting link

No more need to call and say “Is this a good time to talk?” I also believe it will add structure to my discussions.

We now have the option to set up a conference call with Skype, share documents online with DimDim,
and meet face-to-face via web conferencing. Simply specify your preference in your meeting agenda.

Note: If you know me very well personally, then you should already have at least 3 ways to contact me with high success rate so this really doesn’t apply to you unless you fall into the following categories:

You are contacting me to discuss a business idea to determine if it’s worth pursuing
You want me to assist with your established business
You want some sort of assistance (financial, you want me to help you paint or move lol)

The reason for this is because if I have some time to prepare it will allow me to provide greater insight to aid to your cause by simply doing some research before the call.

No need to memorize the link, I will be adding to all outgoing communications and social networking profiles. Testing with a small group of friends/associates at the moment.
Just another way I’m trying to serve you better – Shadeed.

Live broadcast of my presentation from SharePoint Saturday NYC held at Learning Tree in Manhattan’s Financial District on September 12th, 2009. This presentation was the 2nd session that I delivered that day.


I’m in the final stages of an Itunes tutorial that will cover some of the key changes in the new release of Itunes 9. The document will also contain a step-by-step walkthrough of installation of Itunes 9 for those readers who are new to Itunes.

Send me a message if you have questions.