Comparison is a Poor Measurement of Value

Comparison as a Progress Indicator is a Short-Sighted Approach

Comparison as a Progress Indicator is a Short-Sighted Approach

Comparison is a natural human characteristic and trait. We constantly seek validation in our efforts because it enables us to see where we are in relation to where we want to end up. It is part of the human experience.

We often allow ourselves to fall into the trap of defining our progress and success based on the highlights and success of our peers while forgetting the struggles that they’ve had to endure. You have to learn to compete with yourself and the quality of your ideas & output and use your peers as motivation to strive for the next benchmark that *You* define.

The reality is all success requires trial and error. We often don’t view the setbacks and disappointments of our peers, nor do we observe the time that it takes to arrive to the success that we are witnessing. Comparing ourselves to that success, is not an accurate representation of the ups and downs that they’ve endured to arrive.

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