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Shadeed Eleazer is a Baltimore based Entrepreneur. He is a Business and Technology Architect who serves as Founder of Managed Path Solutions, a Microsoft Post Deployment Services Firm which houses subsidiaries Eleazervision Multimedia and Any Resume Consulting.

He is a frequent radio and television guest on nationwide media outlets whose ideas and projects have been consumed by over 5 million subscribers, viewers, and listeners. He has been featured on national platforms such as SIRIUS XM, Radio One, LLC and has enjoyed recurring roles on WXYC 89.3 FM and Hot 91 WNSB providing expert commentary on Social Media strategies, Personal Branding, and Collaboration methods for organizations.

His notable projects include serving as Architect for the official web sites for the State of Maryland and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ( and

He is the President and Co-Founder of The Baltimore SharePoint User’s Group, Maryland’s longest running Microsoft SharePoint focused institution and Co-Founder of SharePoint Saturday Baltimore, an annual conference featuring tech evangelists from around the world currently in its 8th year.

He is a U.S. Navy Veteran with a Navy Achievement Medal for exemplary service in Operation Enduring Freedom.

His mission is to solve Digital Illiteracy for over 100 classrooms and 3,000 students in 2017 by upgrading tech resources in underfunded classrooms via his 100 Classrooms Initiative.



Let’s gain a deeper understanding of the how and why behind the mission

Shadeed Eleazer Live!


Join me on my Facebook Livestream as I share my proven techniques to eliminate overwhelm, increase authority, and enable you to live a lifestyle of freedom, increased family time, and influence to drive attention and fundraising to causes that you support.

Weekly Workers Webinar


The Weekly Workers Webinar series tackles the common pain points of Entrepreneurs transitioning from working within their business to becoming true Business Owners by working on their business.

Guest Post on Collaborpedia


Submit your Guest Post to Collaborpedia, a subsidiary of .Besides exposure, we provide several incentives and services for the talented Contributors to our blog on The Art and Science of Collaboration Meets Lifestyle.





Below are my high profile projects delivered using my People, Process, and Platform methodology.

What Others are Saying

2017 Workshop Schedule


View the Eleazervision Multimedia schedule of workshops for the 2017 campaign designed to increase self-reliance via Entrepreneurship, improve overall health and wellness, and increase work-life balance so that you are available for the moments and people that matter the most.

Group Coaching


Allow me to help you gain greater clarity on your purpose, your mission, and message so that you can increase your family time and availability for moments that matter.
Group Coaching slots are opening soon.

Public Speaking


Shadeed has delivered over 1,000 keynote, host, moderator, and technical speeches and presentations to university, corporate, military, private sector audiences, platforms, and stages. Book Shadeed to add business and technical leadership and credibility to your next event.


The Benefits of Bikram Yoga for Action Takers and Entrepreneurs

I’ve come to the conclusion that Yoga represents the greatest combined mind and body experience that I’ve come across in all my years of living. Practicing Yoga is a key form of wellness and prevention, mental clarity and focus, and stress relief.


2 Undeniable Reasons Why You Need to Blog as a SharePoint Professional

Let’s face it, in a world of increasing sharing and social networking awareness, employers are slowly starting to understand the value that each SharePoint resource has towards the growth and prolonged strength of their respective Microsoft or SharePoint practice. It is your best advantage to prepare for the changes in your practice before they arrive.


Should SharePoint Speakers' Content Increase in Value from Free Community Events to Larger Conferences?

Do speakers have an unwritten obligation to increase the value of their sessions delivered from a free event ranging to a conference where the audience is paying top dollar to attend?


View existing campaigns and community initiatives below

100 Classroom Baltimore City Initiative

100 Classrooms Initiative

Learn more about the campaign to eliminate Digital illiteracy in Baltimore City
by adopting Teachers who serve underfunded classrooms.

Personal Branding Mastermind Group


We will educate, inspire, and create 1,000 new Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders
in the next 24 months. Join the Personal Branding Mastermind Group initiative today

Second Chance Entrepreneurs Initiative


We will reduce recidivism rates by 50% with out initiative to transition Felons who re-enter society into Entrepreneurs.